Restructuring refers to the process of changing your legal corporate structure for purposes of efficiency improvement, cost reduction, risk management and/or regulatory compliance. Restructuring is not only important when a company encounters difficult times, but also in times of growth. Our experienced team of corporate law specialists will be happy to assist you.

In an ever-changing business landscape, it is necessary to regularly review the legal structure of your organization. There are numerous reasons to consider a restructuring. Consider the lead up to a sale of (part of) the business, a reorganisation, or recapitalization of the company.

In addition, the consolidation of businesses may take place to optimize operating results. A consolidation can be achieved through a merger, asset transaction, liquidation or reorganisation. Restructuring can also be a tool to separate high-risk activities.

A restructuring is often a time-consuming and complex process that requires careful planning and cooperation between multiple parties. A restructuring may also affect already existing contracts. It is essential to identify the risks in advance. Conseiller is of course able to coordinate this process for you.

A well-thought-out structure provides the foundation of your business for the future. It enables you to adapt your business to changing market conditions, new laws and regulations and growth opportunities. Our experienced team has extensive knowledge and expertise in this area. We understand the unique needs of your business and offer customized advice to effectively reposition your organization for future endeavours.