Mergers & Acquisitions

Is your business involved in an acquisition process? Whether you are the acquiring or the selling party, you will need professional assistance. Our knowledge and experience make Conseiller your perfect partner in this area. You can rely on us throughout the entire process, so before, during and after the merger or acquisition.

We help you in carrying out a due diligence investigation, drafting or assessing the transaction documents and in your negotiations. An acquisition process involves a lot of paperwork, in which everything needs to be legally watertight, both for now and in the future. On what conditions is the sale to be concluded, and what rights and obligations do the parties have towards each other once the transaction has been finalized? What must you remember to include, and how do you set it all down properly in writing? This is where we can provide added value, as we have done this countless times before. And since each acquisition is unique, first we want to get to know you and your business so that we know exactly what we are talking about during the negotiations.

When preparing for a sale, we feel it is important to exchange ideas with you to make sure that all the legal details have been sorted out. If you are well prepared for an acquisition process, you can generally achieve a higher sale price. Minor problems and defects can often be easily rectified beforehand to ensure that they’re no longer an issue in negotiations. A potential purchaser will fully investigate your business before going ahead with the purchase. It makes a good impression if no unnecessary problems emerge during such an investigation that you could have easily resolved beforehand.

The same applies, of course, if you have just bought a business. We can help you after the purchase too, to get your legal procedures and structures in order. You will have carried out a full investigation into the business you have bought, or we will have done that for you, and so you will know where the difficulties lie. Together we will decide which of these difficulties need to be dealt with first and how we will tackle them.


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