Corporate Legal Counselling

Conseiller advises companies with both national and international operations on all kinds of corporate legal matters. Our team of business law professionals will assist you with day-to-day legal issues as well as specific legal problems you may encounter in your business.

Entrepreneurs deal with legal matters every day, such as the agreements you conclude with clients, suppliers and employees. Some things you can easily solve yourself, while for other matters you need the support of a lawyer. We have experience in many different sectors and with both large and small companies, whether you operate nationally or internationally. We can support temporarily if your own legal department is confronted with a high volume of work, but also act as an external lawyer if you’re not yet at the stage where you need your own legal department.

Conseiller sets itself apart with its pragmatic approach. We look at your business and your needs in depth, we don’t get side-tracked in legal debate, but make sure that you can move forward with your business with the right legal knowledge, while not losing sight of your commercial interests.

Our services range from drafting and negotiating agreements, drafting general terms and conditions, structuring legal processes and drafting standard documentation, to implementing new legislation within your business. And naturally we take care of rolling out these processes and standards within your organization. We train your personnel so that they are able to tackle their work independently but also know when to ask us for help.

In the unforeseen situation that you become involved in legal proceedings, we can assist you through the process. As experienced corporate legal counsels, we know exactly how to create a bridge between the litigation lawyer and your specialists, so that proceedings can be conducted in a more cost-efficient way and you can achieve the best possible result.