TReNT Glasvezel

Stichting TRENT has reached agreement with Alliander (Alliander Corporate Ventures BV) on the acquisition of TReNT Glasvezel in Enschede. Conseiller acted as adviser to Stichting TRENT.

TReNT manages more than 2,000 kilometres of fibre-optic infrastructure in the eastern Netherlands that is used by businesses, educational institutions, government agencies and semi-public organizations. TReNT supplies what is known as dark fibre: an unlit fibre-optic connection that links businesses, organizations and institutions with each other and the world.  The distinctive feature is that the user has full control over the use of the unique connection. It takes care of the network equipment itself and decides on the capacity and speed.

Alliander develops and manages energy networks in the Netherlands. For Alliander, telecommunications are essential for the safe operation of its vital infrastructure: the electricity and gas networks.  That is why Alliander has chosen to own this telecom infrastructure itself. This is already the case in a large part of Alliander’s coverage area. The purchase of TReNT also gives Alliance access to its own telecom infrastructure in the eastern Netherlands.

The board of Stichting TRENT is delighted that Alliander will guarantee the continuity and availability of the essential and high-quality TReNT fibre-optic network for its 500 business clients with more than 2,000 connections.

The activities and the TReNT name will be continued from Enschede. The current director Wald Been and the 18 employees will remain with TReNT. The acquisition means that area and network expansion can continue. This desired growth will only be possible with significant investments, for which a strategically and financially strong partner has now been found.

Job Klaasen, chairman of Stichting TRENT, says: ‘We have often called TReNT one of the best-kept secrets in Twente. Not everyone knows about it, but for those who do make use of telecom, it is very important. For example, 40% of mobile telecommunication in the eastern Netherlands passes along our fibre-optic network. The acquisition by Alliander, with its public shareholders, means that the availability of a safe public network in the Netherlands is also assured for the long term. Our clients can continue to profit from the expertise and strength of the new owner.’

The University of Twente and OostNL were involved in setting up Stichting TRENT in 1999, with the aim of creating a regional, service-independent ICT fibre-optic infrastructure and making it available to institutions and businesses with large data flows. Since then, the University and OostNL have followed developments from an appropriate distance and say that the original aim has been secured. The acquisition is confirmation of this.