Textkernel expands portfolio of temporary employment organizations by acquiring Akyla

Amsterdam based Textkernel, provider of AI-driven recruitment and talent management software, has acquired the staffing app and portal specialist Akyla. According to Textkernel, the acquisition is the second step in the international acquisition strategy, since management’s collaboration with strategic software investor Main Capital Partners began in October 2020. In the past year, Textkernel acquired the American competitor Sovren to strengthen the group’s position as the global market leader in AI-driven parsing and search & match technology.

According to Textkernel, Akyla is considered a best of breed software supplier. Akyla is a provider of flexible mid-office solutions that support automatic recruitment, selection and efficient management of flex workers. The company offers two innovative solutions (e-UUR and Xplican) that support customers with the administrative processes associated with managing flex workers, including onboarding, time tracking, time interpretation, digital signing and supplier management.

Joining forces

Textkernel sees opportunities in the joining of forces for a ‘strong and unique combined product proposition’. Mainly through access to more useful data, the combination will improve the effectiveness of Textkernel’s search & match algorithms and enable staffing organizations to automatically and more effectively match candidates and vacancies at the right time, the company expects.

“Candidates benefit from a more tailored and more suitable offering of potential positions just before or when they become available. This should lead to higher relocation and placement rates in general for temporary employment agencies, higher productivity of intermediaries and higher satisfaction of flexworkers, while reducing the sourcing costs and efforts of temporary employment agencies.’

Together, Akyla and Textkernel serve a combined customer base of more than 2,500 organizations, including staffing companies, payrollers, corporates, job boards, Recruitment, Staffing and HR solutions providers and other participants in the broader HR market. Akyla was assisted in this transaction by Conseiller.