CarePack Holland, a specialist in packaging for hazardous substances and temperature-controlled packaging, has recently joined Bark Packaging Group. Bark Packaging Group relieves customers in the chemical, pharmaceutical, food and automotive sectors in the field of development, design, purchasing, logistics and stock management of rigid and flexible packaging.

The acquisition of CarePack Holland fits in seamlessly with Bark Packaging Group’s buy & build strategy and CarePack Holland’s ambition to accelerate its growth. The bundling of knowledge and expertise in particular enables both parties to serve customers even better and to further expand their joint market position.

Knowledge sharing, innovation and total peace of mind

Since its founding in 1978, Bark Packaging Group has built a strong position as a leading supplier of packaging solutions. The basis: a strong focus on innovation and service. “With the entry of CarePack Holland, we have taken a great new step in the roll-out of our growth strategy. The spearhead in this is to grow in new markets. We also want to further strengthen our position as a high-quality knowledge and service center for our customers”, said Erik Bos, CEO of Bark Packaging Group. “CarePack’s specialist knowledge and expertise is of great added value in this. Moreover, just as with Bark, the drive to unburden customers is in CarePack‚Äôs genes, and they are fully committed to this. Based on this synergy, we are fully committed to growth, knowledge sharing and innovation of both parties.”

Accelerated rollout of buy & build strategy

The addition of CarePack Holland fits perfectly in the growth strategy of Bark Packaging Group. In addition to organic growth, the group also wants to make acquisitions. The buy & build strategy has accelerated since investor Quadrum Capital came on board as a minority shareholder in 2020. “With its financial strength, buy & build expertise and as a strategic sparring partner, Quadrum Capital makes an important contribution to our growth strategy” said Berny Plas, director and co-shareholder of Bark Packaging Group. “We see a lot of potential for acquisitions to further strengthen the group and in that context, we are open to companies that are a good addition to Bark Packaging Group.”

CarePack: “building on strength”

CarePack Holland, founded in 1992 by Lambert Dekkers and Marc Sollewijn Gelpke, has grown into a renowned supplier of packaging for the (petro) chemical and (bio) medical sector. The company supplies packaging and advises customers on packaging issues. In addition, CarePack relieves customers in the areas of product development, certification and testing, transport, storage and transshipment. Lambert Dekkers, who, together with co-founder Marc Sollewijn Gelpke, will remain as co-shareholder and board member of CarePack: “We are pleased with this new step in the development of our company. As part of Bark Packaging Group, we have the capacity to strengthen our growth and there are advantages in the areas of innovation and product development, commerce and professionalization of business operations. We look forward to building the future of our company together.